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01.27.2013, 07:59 PM

Originally Posted by brainanator View Post
hell, if this is going to a kid, I'll donate one, and even pay half the USPS priority shipping for ya.
I have one of these that is very lightly used you can have for the little guy.

Just let me make sure I can find the remote for it tomorrow during the day sometime. Send me a PM about this if you'd like it. No sense in spending a lot of money if you're not sure the kid will like flying or not. Some kids don't. Or he may be too young still.
Thank you for the offer, but i bought the one you linked me to on Amazon. I bought the red one with 3 spare parts kits & one extra battery. the total was $41 & some change. Like i said the kid has autism. His dad says he really like helicopters. I think thgis will be a good one to see how much he really likes it, & if he does not like , at least I'll know i did a good thing, expecting nothing in return. How long to swap out the battery ?.


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