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02.18.2014, 07:30 AM

Considering that the mods and admins _themselves_ were posting repeatedly about finding a way to flash genuine firmware to Castle ESCs, this is far from reasonable.

If that discussion is not wanted here, okay, I can live with that. However, one would assume that they would give people a hint by telling them or locking the thread (or atleast stay out of the discussion themselves). I mean, you see mods and admins talking about doing this repeatedly. Then, when somebody actually does it, it gets deleted without any notice. Where's the congruence in such a behaviour? -talking about it is just When you get into the "how-to" and step by step instruction, it takes it to a different level.

Since the admins/mods seem to lack the balls to stand behind their actions and comment here, we can only guess about their reasoning. -My balls are not your business, but they are fully intact you can rest assured.

So, what possible reasons do we have?

Patrick being upset about this because of support costs because of bricked ESCs?
Castle doesn't offer warranty or support for Traxxas or HPI labeled ESCs anyway, so it makes no difference.

Patrick being upset about lost sales revenues because people now buy their ESCs in ChopShops instead of the retail-version?
Well, I guess Castle is making their main profit off of companies like Traxxas and HPI anyway. Every sold ChopChop ESC is a sold ESC for Castle, maybe with lower profit-margin, but they made money on it. But judging from the low attention this topic received on other forums, I guess this is completely negligible. As far as I know, actually only two people flashed their ESCs. Atleast for my case, Castle actually will make more money, because I will buy Mamba ESCs from ChopShops now, that I wouldn't have bought at all if it wasn't possible to flash them.

Patrick being upset because he now needs to find a way (and spend money on it) to prevent people from flashing their ESCs?
The software used to do this is actually old and already released to the public and has been superseded by an encrypted db version already, so the fix is already there.

Traxxas being upset because of support costs or something else?
Could be, but the fact that this topic did not get deleted on Traxxas forums (which is strictly moderated) stands against that.

So, no harm done to anyone.

Maybe I have overlooked some aspects. If I did, please somebody tell me.

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