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01.24.2012, 08:02 PM

Yep, the nitro revo front & rear ends will bolt straight onto the erevo chassis, seen it done many times before. There are ofcourse extra parts you need like the erevo tranny & the center skid for the chassis, but you won't have to bodge anything to make the front & reat ends fit as such.

With the 1515 2200kv motor, 4s lipo is fine for 40-45mph, 5-6s lipo for more like 50-60mph+; I guess it depends how fast you want to go really, but 4s is plenty for bashing around with lots of torque ( ~22-24/68 gearing, or 18-20/54 ish ).

The erevo chassis can take 3s packs certainly- some packs are a tighter fit than others so you have to check dimensions ( and remove the plastic clips inside the battery trays ):

There is one definite mod to make to the erevo chassis though, ans that is to stiffen up the rear end and reduce the amount it flexes when landing jumps or cartwheels: ( post 3 )
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