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08.27.2005, 09:42 PM

Actually there are some other options if you want to keep the stock tranny(i've started so i may aswell finish).you can create additional room for the batts in the afforementioned layout by reversing the chassis plate.Chassis plate and centre lower plate only,the rails and front rear braces must stay the same to maintain the front kickup.This involves running single steering servo,making holes for the little pins in the front of the chassis rails and an alternative way to mount the radio box.

The way i've discussed is complicated and not ideal but there is no ideal layout with the stock tranny.

The easiest way is to run one pack down one side of the chassis and to saddle the other either side of the spur.
This allows you to keep the mechanical brake and reverse.All you need to do is to make a spur adapter for a small spur to mount to the 1st gear hub and remove the 2nd gear hub and 2-speed clutch.

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