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Manneīs Flux bash build
RC-Monster Carbon Fiber
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Manneīs Flux bash build - 04.18.2011, 07:27 AM

Well, I have built a bash revo, modified trough the roof And now Iīm stepping up, leaving Traxxas and building a little Hpi monster instead

First of all I took a look at the weakpoints of the flux, this is what I came up with:

*Gearbox - HD gears is okay but not good enough in the long term.

*Rear tierods/knuckles - If you donīt break the knuckle you break the "tab" of the bulkhead.

*Chassis - can you say candycane?

*Hexes - I personaly canīt stand with those 17mm hexes, rims breaking all the time and I keep stripping the hexshape in the wheels.

*Internal gears in the diffs are to weak and doesnīt have enough shims from factory.

*The screws to the bumpers breaks sometimes and you canīt get them out.

*The upper hingepin retainers arenīt doing their job very well.

*The hingepin braces are too weak.

And worst of all, as Mc once said, itīs a big fat pig, and I donīt like that

So, I started to ask around on ebay if any seller that are deassembling new fluxes and parting them out were willing to remove the parts I didnīt want and just ship me a "roller". My request were answered by the seller Integrajspec.

This was the parts I didnīt want:

*No Esc.
*No reciever.
*No gearbox.
*No knuckles/steeringblocks ( the whole assembly out on the end of the a-arm).
*No bulheads.
*No wheels/tires.

Everything went smooth and my package arrived, I started to do some mokeups to see how I wanted things, so I ended up ditching the radio box and the whole motormount/plate assembly.

And I couldnīt find any site that had Goldenhorizons aluminum bulkheads in stock but I was lucky and accidently got some stock bulkheads from the guy I bought the roller from so that will have to do for now, I also ended up buying plastic knuckles for the front and Rear tie rod eliminators for the rear.

All the stuff:

I started with the diff shimming, I used four 0.1 shims ( like it came from factory ) under each small internal gear:

And then Iīm using one 0.2 shim under one of the big internal gears and no gasket between the ringgear and the diffcup:

I will later on change to using the gasket and one 0.2 shim under each big internal gear.

Then I started with the project to get this little bugger in:

This was the first mokeup:

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