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04.19.2011, 02:07 AM

Originally Posted by thzero View Post
It's a Monster Truck, of course it is. ;) But yeah, I like my RC8T... although am running it now with Baja 5B tires!! But they are definetly different animals.
I know it`s a MT, and thats probably what i dont like ;)

The E-revo is more like a muggy than a MT i guess, but i cant think of much the Flux can do that the E-revo can`t do, so i kept the one of them that i actually enjoyed driving :)

It`s all down to preferences i guess..

Manne is`nt afraid of his tool box, so i know this will be one c0ol Flux when it`s "done" :D

RC8T FT CE, CC1520, Tekno v4
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