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Basic Brushless ESC Q
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Basic Brushless ESC Q - 01.17.2011, 09:54 AM

I have an old Venom 120 Amp Brushless ESC (Sensored, Sensorless), which I am wanting to run in my TC5 with an LRP X12, No ESC timing.

I have been using an XERUN V2.0 60A and it's been fine, but I have another project for that. The Venom has a rather large ESC Cap (or rather a bank of 4 Caps), can I remove this and run the ESC?

The max amp draw on 0 ESC Timing I have gotten is 35 amps on a standing start.

Battery is a PQ5050 35C, 4PL Radio and Savox 1251MG Servo.

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