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01.24.2012, 12:58 PM

No need for the two least I don't think so. My question is if I disassemble my Revo 3.3, remove the chassis & trans.....can I bolt in the E-Revo chassis and trans? Is it a direct swap?

The other big issue is what battery packs do I want to (or need) to run? I have a 2200Kv NEU 1515. I'm thinking 4S is absolute minimum and 5 or 6 S would be preferred. I have not researched it but can the E-Revo chassis hold two 3s packs? Looks like the slots would only hold 2s. I know the Techno or RCM/Techno conversion could support the 5 or 6 s pack but the trans needs the single speed mod. (btw...can't find the OOMP mod parts anywhere....)

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