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12.04.2012, 12:03 PM

Oh DOH!!! .....I didn't even see those two little bushing and washers in that little bag. Now that makes sense. I was sitting there scratching my head thinking " wth?".

Thank you Paralyzed!

You know I did a layout of all the parts last night on my old MBX4 and it's going to turn out even better than I had originally thought. I'm building this one from the ground up with a brand new Fioroni chassis to. I have such a huge stock pile of old MBX parts it's unreal......and now that the electric stuff is around.....I'm going to take full advantage of these old buggies.

BTW....I picked up a couple MBX-6 Eco's to , because I needed something newer for the racing scene. One of them is brand spanking new I got from a guy for $325.00 , the other is a used ( but very tight ) Tekno V4 conversion in which I'm making a custom SCT out of. Got a lot on my plate right now for building......and with bringing my old MBX-4's into the mix......I should have some serious on track weaponry going! hehe. wouldn't happen to have pic of the RCM steering servo mount already installed would you? I haven't gotten that far into it.....and honestly didn't even know that was going to come with my motor mount. But is looks cool as hell.....and I'll be using it for sure. more thing. Any advice on how to mount an ESC? I'll have it in the back of the buggy along side the motor ( other side of the center CVA )......but wasn't sure what the best way to fasten it down to my chassis? Do people just use double sided tape? That doesn't seem all that safe to me on an 1/8th scale. I think I can handle everything else.....but wanted a good option on my ESC mounting.

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