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Looking for a 95-96mm dogbone?
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Looking for a 95-96mm dogbone? - 01.26.2013, 02:24 PM

For my Hyper 1/7 conversion I'm reversing the center diff and would like to make sure there is enough room for a 85mm length motor (aka 1717).

I could run the existing 92mm (total length is 99m) dog bone if I use fuel tubing to act as bushings to center the dog bone between the front diff cup and the center diff cup. Just trying to see if there's a better fit.

The rear dogbone is already 160mm so its huge. I don't want to go much further back as the existing 92mm dogbone won't center properly and could cause issues.

Pin to Pin its about 92mm buy my micrometer. I'm guessing a 95 or 96mm pin to pin length would give me what i need.

Hyper 1/7 dogbone by thirdgen89gta, on Flickr

Hyper 1/7 dogbone by thirdgen89gta, on Flickr


I found Kyosho PN# KYOIF143B, which is listed as a 95mm dogbone, but I don't know if thats total length or Pin to Pin. If total length it would be too short, as the Hyper 1/7's front dogbone is already 99mm total length. Looks kinda like it might not hold up to 1717 torque though with that weird step in the shaft.

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