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Originally Posted by brainanator View Post
I didn't even look at the motor repair prices. I did call Castle to confirm the prices were right. The guy I talked to said they had to increase the prices due to the rising backend and material prices. I understand Neodymium is at a premium, so motors going up were predicted quite a while ago.
With the previos pricing, Castle was effectively selling replacements to existing customers for about the same pricing as they would be selling to distributors (give or take a little). Maybe the distributors complained and now the prices are closer to actual street price. Unless you need some specific programming features that Castle offers, it would be more cost effective to replace a burnt Castle ESC with a Hobbywing. (Hobbyking is something else entirely.

I had a MMP burn a few years ago. I had another so I figured on waiting to get the burnt one replaced until I needed it for something so as not to burn through the warranty sitting on the shelf. At the time the replacement was $50. Then it went to $75, now it is $98. So now, for me, a Hobbywing SCT Pro for $90.

SPECULATION: Another thought occurred to me: I wonder if Patrick sold out to a VC (Venture Capitalist)? Having worked for a company bought by a VC, I can see this as being exactly what they would do.
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