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Tamiya GF-01 and G6-01, Heavy Dump truck and Konghead
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Tamiya GF-01 and G6-01, Heavy Dump truck and Konghead - 07.12.2017, 11:06 AM

Recently I stumbled across a new offering from Tamiya, the GF-01 chassis.

This is similar to the old lunch box 2wd chassis in size and wheelbase. However it has the gear diffs and shadt drive from the TT series and the suspension is off the M series. So 4wd, which is great for braking and overall driving.

There are a few body options, but the Heavy Dump Truck really caught my eye. It reminds me of the old toy dump trucks, that were slightly cartoonish with the big tires and short wheelbase.

Picked one up and put it together, easy to build. With the included brushed/brushless esc and torque tuned brushed motor the truck is quite fun to drive.

I have since upgraded it with a 13.5t sensored brushless motor off ebay. 26 bucks shipped, US seller. Came with the sensor cable, but did require motor wires and bullets to be soldered on. Also bought the matching 17.5t motor, which I tried out as well. The 17.5t was about the same overall speed as the torque tuned motor, with slightly more torque. The 13.5t adds about 5-6mph to the top speed, greatly improving the bash factor. The tamiya esc is reasonably easy to program, and the startup is very good, as it should be, being sensored. The drag brake and brake intensity settings are a welcome addition. Only downside is the lack of a lipo cutoff. I can drive without one, but I am quite gangster like that. Considering it was free with a 119 dollar kit I can't complain. I am using a gens ace 5000mah 50c hardcase 2s lipo, which fits perfectly in the flat bottomed battery tray (thats right!, tray is not shaped to fit only a stick pack, woohoo).

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