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trick mad power (tmp)
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12.04.2007, 08:47 PM

Went and got 12/54 gearing because they were outta 13 tooth pinions. The power is not like a Rustler with the 3s MM4600, but then again the Rustler is 2WD @ 5 pounds and the Revo is 4WD @ 8.5 pounds (yes that's running weight). Those light-weight Response tires (195 grams instead of 250 gram talonz) help take some tax off the MM4600. It's some very decent power and unlike what most people suspected, no the motor was not a paper-weight after the run. I was able to get 2 runs of 20 and 40 minutes and the motor was 115 degrees and the ESC was 125 after some heavy grass driving. Took some video clips, so I'll try to make a movie tomorrow and post it.
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