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03.04.2011, 12:38 AM

Ok, hooked it up to my 2wd pede. Running a 2070 servo and a sidewinder sc system on 3s.

Had to reverse ch1 for the steering, no biggie. Even though the trim range is a bit mimited I was able to set the trim without having to fool with the servo saver position or adjust the turnbuckles.

Now on to getting the sidewinder to calibrate, I had to reverse ch2 and it calibrated just fine.

Control is very good, both steering and throttle. I can say the transmission speed is very good, better than the m11 running synth 75mhz fm. Smooth controls, feel is excellent. I really could not beleive how nice this radio feels and works. Handle ergonomics are great, balance and weight (even with 8aas) are nice too. Much lighter than the m11, feels about the same weight as a tq radio with any batteries. Yeah, it is light.

Great radio, works great, has enough features for a sport system. Receivers are cheap, which its biggest selling point.

Will I sell my m11? No, cause I need a 4 channel radio like it to run mech brakes on my larger projects. But I will be selling all of my spektrum stuff, as it is only 3 channel.
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