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RC-Monster Titanium
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04.20.2011, 04:52 AM

Nice Savage! Love the improvising to get this to work!

Best bit is definitely that Revo Box! never really knew much about it as people alwauys complained about the revo have a weak drive train? hence, no one had attempted to do this???? But if it offers gear reduction and can handle 6s power then great... but lets see how it does cope with the heavier savage over a little time. Please keep us posted!

Nice Pics... Nice Jumps! And i can now see why you need to upgrade that stock chassis. Dont worry about doubling the weight of the tvps as you get so much more in strength and reliability! Your added strength braces wont help much...

Nice work bud! And please get vids up! I want to see what sort of landing you had when breaking the plastic chassis braces haha!!!
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