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Novak Ballistic 8 2D Review
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Novak Ballistic 8 2D Review - 10.26.2011, 12:43 AM

First impression was excellent when I opened up the packaging. Once you have the motor in your hand, you know why it cost so much. Built quality, fitment and final assembly is top notch. Dare I say Hacker, Lehner, Pletty, LRP quality? I looked hard for any fault and couldnít see any.

Well you guys should know me by now. I had to open up the motor and see for myself were my money went. It was easy to disassemble. There were 2 shimmies in the front and a fiber shield to protect the windings from long screws. The sensor board was easily removed as well. The sensor wire/port shield was the only plastic part. When I unscrewed it, one ear broke. Upon reassembly the second ear broke. Pretty crappy plastic if you ask me. It should have been made out of metal instead. A small sensor wire was included.

The winding on the stator were nice. Itís listed as 12 slot, 4 pole motor. The rear of the stator has some sort epoxy. Iím assuming high temp stuff.

The 4 pole motor is Kevlar wrapped and drill balanced like some other high end motors. The wrapping didnít go all the way through the rear of the rotor though. I figure you donít need to do the whole rotor, as the damage usually happens from the front.

My test vehicle is the GTP geared 47-19, with the diffs being 44-14. Batteries were my best GenAce 4s1p 40C pack that I had. This battery had only seen light duty in my ebike since it was new. So it basically had the proper cycling and 4.1V per cell max. ESC is the RX8, EC5 connectors, and 6mm motor connectors. Tires were GRPís.
I only ran it for half a pack up and down the street. Did some burnouts, speed runs, simulated a race on a track and got the motor to 178F when I was done. Temps would have been lower if had used the current limiter when doing the hard stop and go scenarios.
Iíve used 2343mah. Peak 2336W@12.7V. Contiuous power was 952W, 61.03A, 15.6V. I calculated the speed to be in the mid 50ís and it sure looked like it.

So far Novak has only two windings available. But in their little booklet thingy in the box, more windings are listed. I hope they get to those quickly. I really like this motor and it's worth the high price.

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