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06.25.2017, 07:36 PM

If I'm understanding you correctly Harold is no longer with us? Can you plz send me a PM explaining what happened. I will miss him, great guy an such a sense of humor.

Myself, I'm having a lot of health issues mainly blown out joints, osteoarthritis and nerve pain but the wife and I are doing well. We got 3 kittens this time last year and they turned out to be great cats, couldn't be happier.
I completely got out of RC, all I have left of my 6x6 and tools, sold everything else mainly because I can't get out and move around like I used too. My knees an hips are shot, disability moves slow for knee an hip replacement surgery's.
All I do now is tinker with firearms an go to the range 1-3 times a month.

I hope your doing well.

I retired from RC, now life is all about guns and long range shooting.
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