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01.15.2013, 12:08 PM

2p assembled packs are just a bad idea. You cannot accurately balance the cells, as 2 are connected. If those two cells are not perfectly made and matched one will work harder then the other and wear out faster.

Doing 2p with seperated packs is ok, as you can just charge all of the cells in series and balance them. Example, using 2 2s packs wired in parallel for 2s2p, then charging the packs in series for 4s1p.

Personally if you have enough draw to require 2p, why now half the motor kv and run double the voltage... I know this cannot be done all the time, but up to 8s we have the esc tech.

Get lipos from hobbypartz, at their prices if a cell dies just toss the pack and buy another. Or pull the cell and use it in another rc. You can always find use for a 3s if a cell dies in a 4s pack. A 1s pack is not much use if one cell in a 2s pack dies. Plus, it is not a good idea to run a new pack with a used pack, so if one of your 2s packs dies you will be left with a potentially useless 2s pack and have to buy 2 more 2s packs...
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