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RC-Monster Carbon Fiber
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01.09.2013, 06:05 AM


Found some old pictures of weight comparission between my batterys, the weight of the chassis and such, just thought I should post them if someone were interested

I changed out all the sloppy plasticballs for some revo metal ones in the steering:

And here is the weight of the 15mm chassis, 540grams:

My 4000mah 4s nanotechs, 423grams each:

The old Rhino packs, 3700mah 4s, 406grams:

I have always been afraid to rip out the sockets from the mambamonster, so I made extensions back then so I didnīt have to pull the motorcables directly from the mamba:

I donīt use them anymore tho since it gets too messy in my latest build wich you can read about here:

Happy bashing everyone!
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