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RC-Monster Carbon Fiber
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09.24.2014, 06:29 PM

And what can I say? Itīs beyond all expectations, the thing I love the most is that when everything is mounted so tight in the center itīs so much more easy to make the truck lean to left or right in mid air, which makes it possible to throw some awsome underside up whips.

Iīm sorry that I forgot to take pictures of the making of the esc mounting plate and the servo mounts. And the gearboxmounts and motorplate.

I now have three things left to do on the truck. Build my "indestructable" shocks from 5mm Revo pushrods (see page three), buy a aluminum gearbox housing (see page three), and install my other radio with telemetry for temp and voltage.

The parts for the shocks have arrived, just have had to much fun driving it to do any wrenching:

Thats all for tonight. I have some more stuff to post about driveshafts, wear etc but that will have to wait for now. Keep on bashing and have fun everyone!

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