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02.20.2016, 06:42 AM

excellent pics thanks! nude pics ei leik...

I wonder if the different looks mean different technique in building a brushless motor; or if it's just a cheaper way of building. Boths TP and chinese motor are D-wind, all MBP-motors are y-wind, so I will set timing on 7-15 deg., the D-wind should get timing up to approx 7 deg.

he TP are not an Aveox or Neu motor, but fairly good performers, you can tell from the details, I would say. The performance and torque of the small TP is at least on a similar level as my Tenshock x802l (which I like quite a lot). As soon as the wheather gets better, I will have to compare these motors!!!

What's really interesting is that these 3670 motors are (probably) performing on a level like a 4074 sized motor. In the early days, remember, we just 3670-sized brushless motors (and TV was b/w...).
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