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04.09.2012, 04:37 PM

Originally Posted by Thirdgen89GTA View Post
Looking around trying to figure out what KV motor to get. Its going to be a Castle system, this will mostly be used for track days. I usually hit the track up on Saturdays and open practice is from 11am to 8pm. Sometimes I stay the whole day so thats ALOT of running.

I would rather go with a lower KV motor and run higher voltage than a faster motor and have to run good batteries

My Mini 8ight has been great about it, nothing has worn out yet except for the foams inside the tires. There have been broken parts, but no parts that have worn out and I probably have about 50-60hrs of the buggy so far and I've only owned it since January.

Anyone with a Hyper 10TT or a Hyper 10SCT have recommendations? I am not a racer and am not beholden to any class. Classes mean little to me.
where are you racing buffalo grove local ? Can't help you with 1/10th stuff, too small for my ballz
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