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05.19.2010, 11:10 AM

Disappointments :

The body, of course, but also the Monoblock ! I installed it because I thought the power of the 6s LiFe pack will be too much. But no, the power isn't so impressive. So I removed it, and it's funnier Wheeliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiies !
The LiFe packs are great, fast charge, powerful, but they are a bit too heavy so my suspension suffers (front lower arms especially).
I chose a 68/22 FGR finally, but I ordered smaller pinions to get more torque.

I still love my maxx despite these breakages and bad investments
But I'm really happy with my UE diff (Ofna in fact, only the cases are made by UE) + LiFe packs ! It's the most important finally !

We will see if my maxx is reliable on the long run !

(Lots of comments already posted in the original thread on Traxxas forum :
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