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RC-Monster Carbon Fiber
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04.21.2011, 02:20 PM

Super small update:

I have a troublesome heat source in my truck......

Iīm using 4s 25C 7400mah rhino lipos.

First I was geared very low, 36.22 mph (58.18 km/h)@3.7V per cell, and with that gearing the temps were fine but the truck was just silly slow.. So I regeared from 65/21 0.8mod To 47/17 Mod1.

From that Iīm getting 40.55 mph (65.13 km/h)@3.7V per cell That is totally okay with me but the temps are trough the roof.... I donīt know If I cooked the 2350... It cogged like crazy in the end of the run, only from a complete standing tho so I donīt know what was wrong... I could run it in super slow "crawling" speed but it was as I said very coggy from a complete stand still...

I will try with my Neu/castle 2200Kv and see if the motor is dead, add a CC blower or just a computer fan and then we will then see If I need a 1520.....
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