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06.21.2017, 12:04 PM

Yes, it is...

I recently found that Kershaw designs is having a motor sale, 25 bucks for the 4600kv and 2300kv 1406 size 4 pole Chinese motors. As a sucker for a good deal (yes, hippie always kept his prices low to keep my interest high) I bought one of each.

I put the 4600kv in my 2wd pede with an og sidewinder sct. 2s keeps the weight low, and is plenty fast with normal gearing. I had thought about running the 2300 in the pede on 3s, but the 4600kv on 2s matched the motor speed of the 1406 2y aveox that I removed from the truck (ran that on 3s, but the truck was a bit heavy for my liking)

Not sure what to do with the 2300, I have another pede with a wide arm conversion, might use it in that. I have been eying the traxxas rally (the slash 4x4 based 10th scale), and the 2300 on 4s with a mamba X or the sidewinder 8th would be cool.

I will likely run both of the 2s packs in series for 4s in the 6x6 maxx (I am working on it right now) with the axi outrunner and a mamba max (if it still works after 10yrs...)

And the 2s hardcase does fit my latest tamiya build, they finally made a rectangular slot in the chassis.

The stick pack shaped 2s is actually a Kinexsis EC3 4100mAh 2S 7.4V 35C LiPo Battery Hard Case, mode number KXSB2050EC if anyone is interested. It does fit the oval chassis holes in the various tamiya kits, and has an end wire exit, just like a traditional stick pack. I need to swap a deans on it, so results will be in once I get to run it.
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