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RC-Monster Aluminum
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04.03.2011, 06:00 PM

I've been thinking that since I'm leaning toward the smaller tires I can start out with a slightly smaller spur gear, and use one of these new Maximizer aluminum diff cups I just picked up:

One "unique" feature they have is that they take a larger ID bearing (10mm) because they are made a bit beefier than stock:

I'm using an 8ight-T 50t spur gear and Sportwerks internals - so I shimmed everything inside properly and it fits nicely.
The 50t spur gear gives me almost as much flexibility as the 54 RC8T spur, and this way, I can either sell the RC8T diff if I don't use it, or drop it in later if I need it - only if I run 1/5 scale tires on 8s.

Here's what the CD looks like assembled:

I'm just waiting for new 100k diff fluid to arrive in the mail to fill this up (I used up the last of my old 100k fluid in my other large-scale CD).
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