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RC Rodeo for Generations Boy's Home
Owner of Unlimited Engineering
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RC Rodeo for Generations Boy's Home - 01.24.2016, 10:40 AM

I thought you all might like to see some pics and vid of an event we put on for the Generations Boy's Home at Christmas this year.
My wife and I have been involved in helping these kids for a few years now. It's heartbreaking to know that these sweet kids have been so abused, in many the trauma is evident in their face.

Anyway, every year their Christmas presents consist of mostly socks and underwear and things of that nature. But Generations tries to get volunteers to donate one 'toy'. RC cars are very popular, but the price point prevents them from getting anything we would call RC. Mostly just disposable items that once broken are forgotten.

This year I was tasked with this project and I was determined to get them into real RC. Something with proportional throttle and steering as well as being repairable as we all know things break.

I did a lot of research and tried several before selecting the RedCat Sumo as the appropriate car for the boys.

Now all we needed to do was get 50 of them. :eek: I contacted Redcat and they offered special pricing so I tried a few fundraisers, but didn't do a very good job, so in the end I just put the whole mess on my CC. I ordered up chargers and a ton of rechargeable AA batteries too.

Christmas day we served the boys lunch and after announced that they were each getting cars. I also let them drive my two test cars. They went absolutely ape over the two cars, passing the controller from one to another. The excitement in the room was palatable. We were prepared to deliver that day, but management wanted us to wait until after the holiday to ensure cars would still be there for our planned event, the RC Rodeo which was scheduled for Jan 2nd.

One evening a few days later we came back and gave the cars to the kids. They couldn't believe we were actually giving them cars they could keep as their very own. Sort of heartbreaking.

We were not prepared for their enthusiasm as it was just me and 1 friend handing them out and helping them unbox and setup the cars. Pretty much of a mad house. Sadly I didn't think about the consequences of having 45 kids w/ RC cars going every which way. Some got stepped on and others got broken and one kid overheated his to the point it caught fire. Still, it was a great night and the boys had tons of fun.

I got home that night and put a list together for Redcat which we overnighted in so I'd have them for the rodeo.

Saturday Jan 2nd we showed up bright and early toting 500' of yellow 1" gas pipe to line the tracks with. Setup a bunch of tables for repairs. Then we got to work laying out two racetracs. One big oval and one w/ jumps and stuff.

Then they brought the boys in and gathered up all the boys with broken cars, we sat them down at the tables and began showing them how to repair them. Many said something like 'this is broken, I need another car'. We told them no, you broke it, but here's how to fix it.

By the end of the day several pretty decent mechanics emerged and I was so proud of the boys because now they would ask me how to fix it.

We all had a great time, boys, staff and volunteers alike. Here's a few pics and a vid of the event. Hope you folks enjoy it as much as we did.

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That's All Folks!
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01.24.2016, 12:25 PM

That is Awesome... well done!
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RC-Monster Carbon Fiber
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01.24.2016, 08:02 PM

Man, that is absolutely wonderful. It takes a certain kind of person to pull that off, and you sir are a genuine badass.
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working on a brushless for my wheelchair.....
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01.27.2016, 01:55 PM

Very cool Robin. I would have loved to see the excitement on all the kids faces.


It's "Dr. _paralyzed_" actually. Not like with a PhD, but Doctor like in Dr. Pepper.
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RC-Monster Mike
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01.27.2016, 03:06 PM

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