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What was your favorite nitro engine?
working on a brushless for my wheelchair.....
_paralyzed_'s Avatar
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What was your favorite nitro engine? - 11.09.2012, 10:26 PM

Just trying to add discussions/ more content to this great site

I know most of us have ran nitro before coming to our senses. I've tried quite a few nitro mills before switching to brushless. Ofnas, O.S., Piccos, dynamites, sirius, trx, surefire, RB, infinity, sh, sts to name a few.

I hated small blocks, I always found big blocks much more tunable.

I found O.S. engines to be the best running and easiest to tune.

My all time favorite engine was the mid block RB .23, it was made for t-maxxes/revos and was just insane. It came with a matched pipe (shouldn't all nitros?) and really blew my mind.

It was finicky, tuning was critical. Once it was tuned, it was a rocket. It revved out so quickly and had amazing power through the whole power band. I learned how to shim diffs pretty quickly after getting this engine


It's "Dr. _paralyzed_" actually. Not like with a PhD, but Doctor like in Dr. Pepper.
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That's All Folks!
bdebde's Avatar
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11.10.2012, 02:57 AM

I have always hated nitro... never tried, never will.
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RC-Monster Aluminum
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11.10.2012, 06:49 AM

Never tried an OS or RB, but out of the brands I did use Novarossi was my favorite. They are easy to tune and will hold a tune, fast too. Jammin was the worst although I had a buddy that swore by them.
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RC-Monster Dual Brushless
magman's Avatar
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Location: Cape Cod, Mass.
11.10.2012, 11:46 AM

I was an OS runner for awhile. The vspec was a good engine for buggies and fast. I also tried Siro engines...no luck with them...very temperamental. It seemed from what I read and heard the higher end milsl were better for tuning and power...Nova Rossi in particular.

1. MBX-6 T8 1900KV, RX8 ON 4S
2. MBX-5T 1520, MMM ON 5S
5. TEN T 2650 T8, MMP ON 3S
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Fat Kid Engineering
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11.10.2012, 06:22 PM

O.S., Dynamite, Picco, Lamberto Collari and a bunch of various Dynamite motors. Had pretty good luck with most all of them all but if had to pick a favorite it was a .18 O.S. I couldn't kill and a Collari .32 I had in my LST back in the day, it would pull stumps.
I gave up on nitro roughly 8yrs ago and haven't looked back, I now can't stand the sound of them.
Me and a buddy stopped at the HobbyShop track during a road trip this afternoon to drive our SCT's for a couple packs and a guy was there breaking in his buggy motor. Couldn't stand but 15mins of that and we left, MEH to nitro.

I retired from RC, now life is all about guns and long range shooting.
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RC-Monster Titanium
pinkpanda3310's Avatar
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11.11.2012, 05:56 AM

Aahhh, back in the day when I had nitro...that was well over 10 years ago. I haven't been into brushless for the last ten years only the last 4-5. I didn't have many mills at all - OS .10 , ?don't remember what? .12 , and a novarossi .15 with a tuned pipe

The .12 gave me the most grief, slightly more difficult to tune and the filter I had kept falling off. The novarossi was kickass given it was a high end motor with tuned pipe. It was also in an on-road car so the lack of dirt meant less maintenance.

Although the .12 was a little more finnicky than the others tuning wasn't really a problem for me because I'd had practice tuning some motors my brother never got around to using. They were .15 air motors (maybe OS ???). I bought and fitted propellers and mounted the motors to a bench vice in the shed. Was good fun for a 14-15yr old That was 20 years ago! I am reasonably shit at tuning now. If I had a nitro of my own I might learn to tweak again but after having tried to help friends with their nitro (and after they have stuffed with it badly) I just find them really frustrating now.

I don't mind the sound of them except if they are out of tune. It irritates the crap out of me when the owner cannot tune them because I can hear it but there's not much I can do about it. At that point it's a bit like - shake my head walk away, play with my brushless and go home. There have been times when I have helped tune them in but I'm just not good at it.
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RC-Monster Aluminum
nativepaul's Avatar
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Location: Sussex, England.
11.11.2012, 10:37 PM

I have been all electric from the start so I have never used an IC engine in a model. I do however like any glow engine that wont start especially if the owner has no electric starter and has to keep pulling, flicking or stropping by hand, I find the noises guys make rather amusing especially if they are even more offensive than the offensive droning of the engine should they get it started in the end.

Hot Bodies Lightning 2 Pro carbon, Mega 22/30/2, MMM, 4s3-5Ah.
Tamiya F201 carbon, Mamba 7700, MM, 2s A123 2.3ah.
Xray XT8, 1518, MMM, 4s5Ah.
Lots of boats.
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RC-Monster Stock
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Location: Rhode island
09.01.2013, 08:53 PM

Orion wasp .28 basically a rebadged picco p3.

'13 savage xl
ercm end bleed
Lrp 30x
Spectrum dx2s
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