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Wow, How Time Flies
RC-Monster Mod
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Wow, How Time Flies - 08.29.2010, 04:37 PM

Hey everyone, remember me?

It's been quite a while! Last post with March 30th, and I probably didn't visit since early April . I just went through about 500 of the most recent threads here (selectively of course) and some others of importance as well.

My excuse for such a delayed visit: last school year I joined the rowing team at UCI, so everyday from 6am-8am I was occupied with practice. Our season started in March so I was busy with races also. Then in April I got an internship at a small engineering company.

This company basically picked me from the start, because of what I had on my resume. And guess what that was... BRUSHLESS . Many of this companies current projects revolve around brushless motors and controllers, sensored and sensorless. Since I have had a good amount of experience with brushless applications and am a mechanical engineering student (senior now at UCI ) I guess I was a natural choice for them. So I've been working there since April, on quite a few different projects.

One of the more recent projects is a concept which the company has never dealt with before - precise autonomous motion control using geared brushless motors (essentially creating a servo system). This is pretty much MY project - I spent countless hours on research and came up with a proposal (with the Chief Engineer's help) for a scaled-down prototype version. In the end my estimated budget came to $10,000, quite a bit of money for an intern at my pay level. And guess what? the president of the company accepted my proposal and wants to move ahead with the project

So, RC has definitely been on the back burner... But I still work 12 hours/week at the LHS, been there over 4 years now. Thing is, since the end of January I have a new toy/DD to play with:


Basically all of my money goes to her ("Tricia"). If anyone here has owned an Audi, you might understand . Here's what I've got:

1998.5 Audi A4 1.8T FWD 5-speed (no real need for QUATTRO in SoCal IMO)
Just hit 120K a week ago
Chipped with GIAC (pushing about 16psi now, ~195HP and 200ft.-lbs)
19x8 wheels with 235/35/19 Falken FK452 tires ($400/2 tires!)
Larger front brake rotors
Lowered on Eibach springs
Custom installed aftermarket projectors into headlights for impressive night-time visibility
Short shifter
Magnaflow 14815 muffler - came with no resonator and a loud/not-so-good-sounding muffler, now it sounds excellent

Then there's my social life, which pretty much exploded this past year, whether for better or for worse. Not to mention I turned 21 back in April...

Free time isn't nearly as much of an abundance as it used to be. A couple months back I did finish my HV Savage project though, to a point where I might finally be satisfied with it

How's everyone else doing?

SH Z-Car, Custom Crawler, 8s Savage, 12s XTM XLB 1/7 buggy, 4wd 4-link rear/IFS Pro4 truck, Custom Hyper 10 Short Course, Belt-Drive Mammoth ST 1/8 truggy, 4s 17.5 MM Pro HPI Blitz
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08.29.2010, 04:44 PM

Oh no, its...... da eye!!!
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RC-Monster Brushless
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08.29.2010, 04:45 PM

Nice to see you around again!

Congrats on the internship! Do well and they may be willing to hire you as a full timer! That's how I got my full time position...

Nice car! I love the Audi. Thats my goal for the future, a brand new Audi A6!!
Btw, Tricia? Come on... she's german!!

Have fun bro! Enjoy college while it lasts. I miss it already...

N. Rustler conversion
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Old Skool
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08.29.2010, 05:20 PM

Sounds like things are really working out awesomely for you MM, cool internship & nice new wheels. Things around here have been a little quiet of late, apart from the odd thorough maxamps bashing session or two
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RC-Monster Carbon Fiber
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Location: Brooklyn NY
08.29.2010, 06:10 PM

I definitely remember the rotating eyeball who can forget I came back after a partial leave too lol and had to start over how u been I see you have been very busy for good reason

  • MBX6T MMM CC 1518 HITEC 7955 BRAKE 5645 MG 6S LIPO
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Congrats. - 08.29.2010, 06:36 PM

Yea congrats on your internship. Sounds like a good deal for you, and things like that can help to launch ones career into the heavens. Having fun and getting to enjoy what you do for a living is one of the greatest gifts anyone could receive. Good for you to luck into a BL project after playing with BL toys and learning from the guys in here who have a clue. Good luck at keeping things moving forward with the intern project and turning it into a mojor jumping platform for your future. Way to go.

Don't let the whole social scene take up too much of your time, because that will always be there. Stay focused on your future. We have a friend in our business whos daughter just started at her new University a few days ago. She was invited to a social event to welcome in new students and get their social life kickstarted. She was drinking at the party and accidently fell off a balcony from the 57th floor and was found on a third floor balcony. She was 17 years old with a bright future ahead of her. Such a huge waste of talent and a young life. Watch your back people and don't get complacent with your surroundings while finding your way in a new social setting. Stay focused.

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