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Getting out while I still can. Have a few items going up for sale.
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Getting out while I still can. Have a few items going up for sale. - 03.22.2011, 04:03 PM

Well I’ve been thinking about getting out of the hobby and trying something different for a while. Haven’t decided what yet but have decided to unload everything. It was tough since I just got the Rampage XB-E a few weeks ago. Kept it sitting in the box unopened thinking I can sell it new. Couldn’t stand it so it been out and tested now. After I got it out I knew the test drive wasn't going to be worth the couple hundred it would cost in resale. I've spent a lot more for a lot less fun. Stupid? Maybe, knowing I was getting out I still ordered 1717 that showed up yesterday. Had to see for myself you know. So I have a barely used 1717 up for sale, well it will be barely used again this afternoon. I need to get my money out of it somehow.

I will try to go by first PM received kind of method. I always try to give you guys first shot at stuff and well there is going to be a lot of stuff. I am hoping my idea on the prices are fair. If not let me know in the usual mature and professional manner that RCM instills on all us yahoos……..

The list of items I have gotten written down so far is just too big for one thread so there will be a couple threads. Going up at different times for the rest of the itesm.

Link to photobucket where I have been putting pictures of the items as I get them.


There is going to be more items added as I round them up. Will have some small parts lots up for grabs also.

Quick List of RC for Sale:
Hot Bodies LS10 Truggy - 1/10th Scale
Kyosho DST Truggy - 1/10th Scale
Traxxas Rustler - 1/10th Scale
Kyosho ST-RR - 1/8th scale
LOSI LST2 XXL new - 1/8th scale
HPI Savage XL - 1/8th scale
HPI Baja 5b SS - 1/5th Scale
Redcat Racing Rampage MT V3 - 1/5th Scale
Redcat Racing Rampage XB-E - 1/5th Scale
**Gorrilla Maxx G3R revo race chassis - 1/10th Scale** Probably will send this to the auction block if I can get the word out about it. Hint Hint.

I removed the motors and servos from the RCs and will just sell them as rollers. Again all the RC have no Motor/Engine, Tx, or RX, and no Servos unless they are listed under the RC.

Have one hell of a lot of crap to go through still so keep tuned in for Gods sake have a little patience with Lincpimp. He has a donkey and some midget to.............

More Description – Links – and other items below

1/10th Scale RC For Sale

Hot Bodies LS10 Truggy – Brushless Ready
RCM Motor Mount, comes with a bunch of spare parts for it
Plenty of upgrades and mods done to this fellow. Lots of spare parts. The truggy has upgrades shock setup, three differentials, bellcrank servo saver, upgraded bearins, 17mm wheel adapters, 1/8th buggy wheels/tires. This RC is tough.

Kyosho DST Truggy – Brushless Ready
Has a custom motor mount for the the brushless motor made out of lexan. The original nitro gear is included although I will not vouch for the &#$^* nitro motor that came with it.
Converted to Brushless is the Kyosho DST. Custom mount made from 3/8” lexan. Pretty unique and rare conversion, search around for other Kyosho DST truggies that have been converted to brushless. Not many out there. I still have the nitro stuff that was pulled from it. The engine has been used and I never seemed to be able to tune it correctly. Includes the spare items I have for it.

Traxxas Rustler
My first Hobby grade RC - FLM Arms, FLM Transmission case, FLM CVDS
Probably best to part this one out.........

GorillaMaxx G3R Race Chassis
GorillaMaxx Revo Race Chassis – G3R
GorillaMaxx Single Speed Transmission Case
RPM Arms, Traxxas CVDS,
Has 1/8th scale differentials Losi XXL installed.
Alum Turnbuckles, Anodized Shocks

1/8th Scale RC For Sale

Kyosho ST-RR Truggy – Brushless Ready
Has the RCM motor mount installed.
Has a few spare parts that will be included.
The chassis the the Dragon Racing ST-RR chassis
The Front shocks are ST-RR big bore shocks and the Rear shocks I think came off a Losi Truggy.

New Losi LST2 XXL Roller
I was going to make a brushless XXL but never got interested enough. All the parts were gathered new off ebay over a year or so. Has the 20mm adapters but no tires are included.

Blue XXL Body
CV Shafts
Center CV shafts
Spur gear and slipper setup
Steering servo linkage and servo savers in a bag w/ the Losi 20mm hubs
Body posts
User Manual and some stickers

HPI Savage XL – Brushless Conversion

New items recently installed:
Front and Rear Bumpers and skid plates
Battery/Receiver Box
FastLane Machine Savage XL HD TVPs
FastLane Maching Motor Plate
FastLane Maching TVP Skid Brace

Used items installed on the Savage XL
XTM dual servo saver
Kyosho STRR Turnbuckle ends using Losi 8ight turnbuckle rods
Aluminum one piece rear uprights,
Aluminum one piece front uprights/dog ears
Aluminum HPI differential cups
HPI Bevel Gear Set #86032
CEN Racing 26t Ring bevel gear
CEN Racing 9T Driving bevel gear
Upper/Lower RPM Arms on all four corners
Full Force RC aluminum Shock Towers for the E-Maxx are used to space and connect the XXL Shock to the Savage XL
HPI Savage 2 speed transmission locked into second gear using the Flux gear
Complete set of dog bone and cups including the two center ones
Desert Rat body used and patched but still going

1/5th Scale RC For Sale

Redcat Rampage XB-E – 10/th scale Brushless Buggy.
Will be sold as I received it with the Redcat Electronics installed. Also come with original 2.4ghz TX&RX (2) 3s 3600mAh lipos, 2-3s trickle charger, maunaul, & stickers

Redcat Rampage MT V3 – Roller
No Electronics included, No Servos, RX, and No Engine is installed.

HPI BAJA 5B SS Kit Roller:
No Electronics, Servos, or Engine is included.

Transmitter & Recievers:

Futaba 4pk Tx
Futaba R604f Rx
Futaba R603F Rx

SPEKTRUM 2.4ghz dsm TX &RX:
DX 3.0 Tx

(1) SR3100 Rx
(2) SR3000 Rx

(2) Traxxas AM TX
(2) Traxxas AM RX

**List is still pending. Will list a more accurate count in the next thread.

Speed Controllers (ESC )& Misc Elect items

(1) Traxxas Edition of Mamba Monster ESC & 2200kv motor combo (Black Motor)– No longer for sale)
(1) Mamba Monster ESC v3
(4) Mamba Maxx
(1) Noval HV Esc

(2)Turnigy Switch
(1) New Still in packagePICO Switch
(2) Pico Battle switches (Remote Kill Switches & LED Controllers)

(1) CC/Neu 1700 motor
(1) CC/Neu 2200kv Motor
(2) Neu 1515 1y .s
(1) Neu 1512 1.5d /f
(1) Medusa 3300kv
(1) Fiegoa 12s 2790kv
(1) Novak 13t Motor

Engines, Engine Upgrades. Pipe, Engine Related

(1) ESP 4-Bolt Modified/ESP CHAMPIONSHIP PORTED 36mm Zenoah 30.5cc kit w/ +2mm Crank installed and Fast Eddy Ceramic bearings. Lest then 2 gallons on it.

(1) CY26cc w/ the 29cc Big Bore kit installed. This one has a few more gallons on it.

Engine related items:
Used stock G270 Zenoah crank, Piston, & Head (was from the upgraded engine above)

Brand new still in the box is a:
(1) 4-port ESP Championship Ported 36mm 29cc Top End Kit

(1) Phat Dad-RC "Shread Stack" Angled Open Plenum Filter Adapter

(2) Meilke Side Mount Exhuast Pipe for the Baja or Rampage
(1) CPI Pipe for the Rampage MT
(2) stock Mufflers

LIPO Batteries

(2) 4s Neu 3900mAh
(2) 3s Fp 4500mAh
(2) 3s TrueRC 4000mAh
(2) 6s FP 5000mAh
(2) 2s FP 500mAh lipos
(2) Small 2-3 Lipo Trickle Chargers
(1) Turnigy 150a Lipo Balance Charger
(1) Power Supply
Assortment of RX Batteries, 6v – 2s lipo battiers

There's more to come. I have some ideas on prices but this is a lot of stuff so I haven't focused on what I want for it. Offers on item could take some pressure off the sale. Just remember I am getting out of the hobby but don't plan on leaving the family here. Don't want to miss out on any of the deep intellectual threads that seem to pop out of now where for no reason (Harold).

Okay, taking a break for this crap now and should come back real drunk and feeling extremly generous. Maybe to the point I just start giving stuff away. It's happened..

I bet you guys wished I still drank right about now................
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