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Your career field VS Your income VS Geographic location VS $$ Spent on RC
RC-Monster Carbon Fiber
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Your career field VS Your income VS Geographic location VS $$ Spent on RC - 12.12.2010, 06:52 PM

I recently graduated college in central IL with a bachelors in Criminal Justice. Due to the market being horrible (not many police departments or prisons hiring, most just laying people off) I am currently working at the same dollar store I used to prior to college (for less money!).

This information is obviously purely voluntary but I am just curious about what the forum members do for a living (and help me regret my career choice a little more!).

A) Where do you live [Northern IL, hour outside of chicago, population of 50k]
B) Where are you employed (or in what field) [ Retail Assistant manger, Dollar store]
C) How long have you been employed w/ the company? [1.5 years]
D) What is your job's income bracket (totally optional, I know its pretty personal)
1) > $20,000
2) > $30,000 [ME, close to option 1 lol]
3) > $40,000
4) > $50,000
5) > $60,000
6) $60-80,000
7) $80-100,000
8) $100,000 + (I hate you a little)
E) How much money per month do you spend on "hobbies" every month?
-My hobbies include guns, my quad, RC's, electronics and I would say I spend on average 300 a month on that stuff (out of the 1600/month net I bring home lol).

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RC-Monster Mod
Arct1k's Avatar
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Location: NJ
12.12.2010, 07:55 PM

I take the 5th. My wife might find this thread.
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Old Skool
suicideneil's Avatar
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Join Date: Feb 2007
Location: Devon, England
12.12.2010, 08:03 PM

A) Devon, England
B) General assistant, Londis grocery store located within grounds of Britannia Royal Naval College
C) 4 years & 3 months
D) 1)
E) Approx 100-150, sometimes more ( I just spent 400 on a custom stock for my airrifle- more on that later... ) , sometimes less. Currently have a list of things I want/need for my flat/apartment:

another display cabinet + more airfix kits
37-42" LCD TV
new couch
PS3 maybe
Blu-ray player
TV tuner card for my PC
5.1 sound system

I had planned on getting some decent equipment to turn my spare room into a mini workshop, but I know so many talented guys with their own equipment already that its just easier to throw money & drawing at them if I cant make the part myself with my hand tools
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RC-Monster Admin
BrianG's Avatar
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Location: Des Moines, IA
12.12.2010, 08:39 PM

A) Des Moines, IA (central IA)
B) Programmer at the Iowa Lottery (state agency). Mostly, I port old crap software into web-based systems using a SQL back-end. Other than that, I do general IT support.
C) ~3.5 years
D) ~90k/year. Normally, this is personal info, but since I work for the state, my income is public information anyway...
E) Varies. One month, it may be $20, another it may be $0, another it may be $500. Depends on how much cash I have at the moment, what is broken in the house/car/etc, and what currently is grabbing my fancy.

Oddly enough, my education only consists of an AAS degree in electromechanical technology. So, pretty much nothing to do what I'm doing now, unless you count a semester or two dealing with PLC's and assembly programming...
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Location: Westampton NJ
12.12.2010, 08:55 PM

A) Westampton nj, 1/2hr from Philadelphia
B) Where are you employed Disc Jockey, event lighting etc
C) 6 Months
D) My income is under the table... and very little

E) How much money per month do you spend on "hobbies" every month?
Probably 50 bucks.

Benjamin White
R/c Monster Team Driver
Jq the car, LST, Sportweks turmoil pro
Unconventional Techniques, Superior Results
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RC-Monster Dual Brushless
magman's Avatar
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Location: Cape Cod, Mass.
12.12.2010, 09:47 PM

Originally Posted by Arct1k View Post
I take the 5th. My wife might find this thread.
+1 for sure. If she REALLY knew what I spent...

1. MBX-6 T8 1900KV, RX8 ON 4S
2. MBX-5T 1520, MMM ON 5S
5. TEN T 2650 T8, MMP ON 3S
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Finnster's Avatar
Posts: 2,958
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Location: Bucks Co, PA
12.12.2010, 10:33 PM

1.) North of Philadelphia, PA
2.) Senior Scientist at a medical device manufacturer
3.) ~8yrs
4.) Closer to the top than the bottom
5.) I have an acct just for RC stuff and have an auto deposit there of $50/mo. I try to stick to it best I can

I have two young kids, so most of my time and money go there. Else towards the house which seems to always have something blowing up. Hence little driving, and my projects have taken forever lately

Feel sorry for you younger guys just trying to get established in your careers. I was lucky to get into my career when the eco was still kinda good, and before the housing boom which made houses so expensive and no equity to at least ride on into your next house. Alot of my coworkers have to be married w/ two incomes or live with their parents saving until they are 30 until they have enough money to even think about getting a place on their own.

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Check out my huge box!
lincpimp's Avatar
Posts: 11,935
Join Date: Aug 2007
Location: Slidell, LA
12.12.2010, 11:34 PM

A) Where do you live

Slidell, Louisiana, just north of New Orleans

B) Where are you employed
Own my business, Auto Body and Paint shop

C) How long have you been employed w/ the company?

Since age 12, 18 years

D) What is your job's income bracket

Hard to pinpoint this, as there are various "perks" to owning your own business. Certain things that most people pay for out of their pockets get "absorbed". I am on my 2nd house at age 30, but do not have a car note and have no debt other than the house. Lack of cc debt is a main factor for my success, that and dropping out of college at 20 to learn the family business, which I had to buy from the parents.

E) How much money per month do you spend on "hobbies" every month?

OHHHH, alot or a little. Can vary depending on what hobby I am currently fooling with. Last month I did not spend a dime, this month I am up to a few hundred on rc stuff(first rc purchases this year). I have spent 10k in a few weeks on the gun and motorcycle hobbies... Pick hobbies that give you good returns, rc is not one of them. Used guns and bulk ammo is... Motorcycles are not...
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Smelly Nitro meet your maker!
reno911's Avatar
Posts: 832
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Location: So close to hell I see Sparks.
12.12.2010, 11:49 PM

A.) Nevada, Reno. Too close to hell, I keep seeing Sparks!

B.) Office

C.) Another day same sh...

D.) # 5 you never know!

E.) Comes and goes more some months less others. This month I have spent around 6-8 hundred. Last month none. So on and so forth. During a build it may be more or ontaking of a new hobby. I.E. bought a Wii with the balance board for the wife, never knew I would be able to get the oldies but goodies. That and finishing off a few of the trucks, got a the ole slash a new heart. Incoming Castle SCT edition.
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RC-Monster RC8T
E-Revonut's Avatar
Posts: 2,554
Join Date: Jan 2008
Location: Syracuse, New York (Camillus)
12.13.2010, 12:07 AM

A) I live in Central NY, better known as Syracuse, NY home of the Syracuse Orangemen - I actually live 10 minutes outside of the city
B) I am a Union Tin Knocker(HVAC), just got out of my apprenticeship last week. I also work in a pizza shop.
C) Been a tin knocker for 4 years as an apprentice, 2 days as a journeyman, and been working in a pizza shop for 10 years now.
D) the two jobs combined I grossed between 40-50K
E) I have no budget, it's whatever I can afford when I want it. Kept track last year and spent about $2500. This year, alot less, from Aug-Oct I spent nothing. Nov I bought a new Savage Flux and a Sidewinder SCT combo(couldn't pass up on this for $60 out of pocket) and I just spent $60 on a set of Turnigy Lipos for the flux. Now I need to finish my carpet car for a race in january, so I'll be dropping a couple hundred more, then not a dime till April

RC-Monster RC8T 1515 2.5D/MMM/5s RC-M 4500mah
SC10 MMPro 13.5T 2s NeuEnery 5000mah
RC18T Mamba 25/5400kv 2s lipo + 6s NiMh
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2 KiloWatt RACER
snellemin's Avatar
Posts: 2,496
Join Date: May 2007
Location: Houston
12.13.2010, 01:12 AM

A) Houston TX
B) Contracter at Hewlett Packerd/Compaq. Project coordinator, translates into the stressed out multitasker. I have an EE degree that I only use for my RC and audio hobby. Helps me understand the R&D stuff at work.
C) 12 years
D) As a contractors it varies.
E) Sometimes I don't spend nothing for months and sometimes I'll blow alot. I also save alot by building my own stuff. Like this weekend I build my daughter a nice headboard for her new bed for 20 bucks.

6 KiloWatt A123 Racer
GTP-Pletty Big Maxximum+RX8. GTP-C50-6L Hacker+RX8. CRT.5-Pro4+ZTW esc.
24s2p EVG SX 49.6mph Ebike.
18s4p Raptor 60mph Ebike. 11.5KW
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RC-Monster Aluminum
brainanator's Avatar
Posts: 738
Join Date: Oct 2010
Location: Williston, ND
12.13.2010, 03:43 AM

A) Butte, MT
B) University Student, Civil Engineering
C) Senior (one semester left!!)
D) ~$600 per month working at the university, free room + board for being an RA. + a grand or two on student refunds each semester (loans though....)
E) Depends, with the snow not a lot. Maybe $30-50 on average.
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Posts: n/a
12.13.2010, 06:20 AM

A) Istanbul (TURKEY)
C) Family Doctor
D) 40.000/year
E) 200-300 bucks
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Living in seoul korea
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Living in seoul korea - 12.13.2010, 07:09 AM

A) Where do you live [seoul, Korea] for now.

B) Where are you employed (or in what field) [Retired us navy(mechanical engineer), Now special investigator Diplomatic Security]

C) How long have you been employed w/ the company? [1977-2010]

D) What is your job's income bracket ($100K +)

E) How much money per month do you spend on "hobbies" every month? (Not really sure, but since 2005 I have accumulated about $20K+ in R/C gear and tools)

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RC-Monster Titanium
pinkpanda3310's Avatar
Posts: 1,152
Join Date: Sep 2008
12.13.2010, 07:37 AM

A) Perth Australia
B) Supervisor/Rigger for my fathers building company
C) 9 years
D) ~80k
E) $100-300 This year I have probably more than the last couple combined
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