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1/5 Baja 5b with BL motors in-wheel...
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1/5 Baja 5b with BL motors in-wheel... - 01.13.2016, 11:47 PM

Ooh, that's interesting. Seems like off the shelf motors with a custom shaft and mounting, or at least the same could be done with the aforementioned...

They have a facebook page with more videos and info: Tidnab Inovations

The claimed 200 km/h speed seems like an 'on paper' number, they seem to have issues with aerodynamics- the Baja isn't exactly designed for super-high speed.

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working on a brushless for my wheelchair.....
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01.14.2016, 12:59 AM

Where the hell have you been man?

Sweet post. Awesome to see you posting.


It's "Dr. _paralyzed_" actually. Not like with a PhD, but Doctor like in Dr. Pepper.
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RC-Monster Carbon Fiber
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01.14.2016, 05:00 AM

That is awesome. 200kmph even under no load is nice power! That thin hauled
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RC-Monster Mike
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01.14.2016, 11:15 AM

Interesting concept - my feeling is that it is a better idea for on-road/speed runs, where the motorized wheel may be less detrimental to overall handling(lots of unsprung weight). Unless there are some fancy electronics, the motors are either wired in parallel(behave like a locked diff) or in series(behaves like an open diff or diff with no oil), so handling is again compromised and has less tunability. I imagine the motor performance may suffer after some time in a harsh off-road environment as well.
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RC-Monster Carbon Fiber
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01.14.2016, 03:01 PM

Really cool. Would be a nice application for multiple VESCs, they can do traction control when connected together via CAN bus.

Somehow there is not much technical info there, hope they'll make a proper website sometime, that facebook crap is so annoying.
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RC-Monster Brushless
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01.14.2016, 08:13 PM

Direct Drive Twin Outrunner Motors! :)

That thing does get around really good and it should.

I wonder how they have eliminated cogging on startup?

Those motors are custom wound. There is too much airgap between the windings for that to be factory. Also the wire used is of a higher gauge than factory winds. I would guess they are wye wound for more torque also.

Very awesome build!

Is that thing running 8S?

It is making some serious power.

PS.............Hi Guys! :) LOL
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RC-Monster Brushless
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01.14.2016, 08:21 PM

To Mike's point:

They are neither in series or parallel.

The Video shows two separate ESC's.

In other words, I see two completely separate independent systems.

They Sync well together because they are identical.

It doesn't appear to behave like a locked diff, even though both wheels are pulling all the time. Maybe it behaves like a limited slip diff. LOL

I doubt they have went this far, but ESC speed control could be influenced by steering angle to assist in handling in corners. (speed up the outside tire in the turns)

I agree, this could be a great speed run setup and very dependable at it too. but yes, a lot of unsprung weight to affect handling.

The tradeoff is a lighter over all vehicle. No gears, no axles, no transmission with a LOW center of gravity.

It must stick to the road like glue. Granted, a smooth road. LOL
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