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02.12.2011, 08:52 AM

I would really like to see this project succeed but I honestly can't see anything like that bolted to any of my RCs. Two reasons. First is the added degree of complexity. I like to keep my RCs a simple as possible. If it don't need to be there off it goes. Second is the added weight. The lighter the better performance.

There was a time when I used to be worried about temps but that was before I really knew what I was doing. Gear it down till it's cool enough. If the performance isn't where I like it then I just simply get a bigger motor.

I have a 1518 Revo, 1518 RC8Be and 1520 powered RC8Te FT. None of the motors get to anywhere even considered warm and performance is more that adequate (some would even say insane). On the ESC side of things I'm not that fussed neither. I have broken at least 10 fans on my MMMs as I am very rough on my RCs and really like launching them off jumps at the BMX track. I used to replace them but now I don't even bother any more. I rigged up an LED with a resistor to my MMMs fan wires. I could see the LED light up every time the fan was on and that would happen once or twice through one battery pack and even then it will go out within less than 10sec. After destroying so many fans I don't even bother any more. All I do now is have the LED there to warn me if the temps are coming up and that only happens if I am pavement racing. Can't remember the last time the LED came on when I was bashing in the dirt. Because I can't launch as hard the currents are much lower on a surface with less grip. As long there is enough air flow under the body my ESCs stay cool enough not to even need a fan.

I think people get carried away with trying to deal with symptoms rather than eradicating the cause of the symptoms. First of all "Why is your motor and ESC running so hot?" and not "How can I take some of the heat away?". One of the first things that was drilled into my head at work when I was taught problem solving was "Go to the source of the problem and start there". I live by that rule now.

The only use I see (this is just me speaking) for a set up like water cooling on a RC car is for the wow or bling factor. If I was building a shelf queen or something to that extent then I would definitely fit something like that but as far as practicability goes.............well it's about as useful as a condom to a nun.
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03.01.2011, 09:35 AM

Big-Block, I think you are 70% correct I agree it is just added complexity, weight, and serves no real purpose in 70% of RC's.
I have found that my HV (8S) low KV cars run VERY cool, and do not need ANY cooling.

But, I can't race any of my HV stuff in a ROAR race or out in the rain.
2S lipo doing 1400watts need cooling, and until Castle starts waterproofing their controllers I need some kind of cooling system.

On the subject, I have decided not to persue buying pumps from abroad.
Instead I have purchased a CNC 4-axis mill and am going to try building my own...
Should have the machine in a few weeks, then we'll see what I can come up with.

If I could only draw what I see in my head, then afford to build it, and finaly get to play with it...
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